get out of sexual disconnection and

experience true sexual freedom

Hi, I’m Leonore.

I help people overcome sexual shame and enjoy more pleasure and power in their lives.

My coaching and live workshops help you detoxify your sex life so you move out of frustration and disconnection into presence, pleasure and power.

Out of darkness into light.

The Water We Swim In:
a Culture of Sexual Disempowerment

 We grow up in a culture that shames women for being “too much,”
too intense, too sexual — no wonder it’s hard to let go in the bedroom. 

We grow up in a culture that’s obsessed with the “perfect body,”
that’s starved for real role models of healthy sexuality —
no wonder we feel like there’s something wrong with us.

We have more porn, more dating apps, more sex toys
and more sexual possibility now than EVER before in history.

But for many of us, that doesn’t solve the problem.

In the West, we have social justice movements and reproductive rights
and so many of the things our feminist foremothers fought for.

So many of us still end up stuck in our heads,

trapped in sexual shame and body hate,
feeling like there’s something wrong with us —
unable to let go, or go after what we really want…

What do you do when
the biggest obstacle to your sexual liberation
is inside your own head?

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Sleeping with the Enemy:
5 Steps to Get Your Inner Critic
Out of the Bedroom

©2018 Carolina Kroon

 Sexual empowerment coaching

I offer immersive sexual empowerment coaching and workshops for individuals and couples, designed to help you shed light on your sexuality and enjoy more pleasure and power. 

This work involves deep healing, moving beyond heaviness into a place of exploring pleasure, possibility, play and the inherent beauty and richness of your sexuality.

why luminous?

We deserve the chance to experience sexuality 
as a source of personal fulfillment and happiness.
Let’s shed some light on it, shall we?